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One Story with Loft, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Full Bathrooms

First Something New

PINK Magazine is now featuring my home designs starting June 2013 with my California Modern.

For a sneak peak go to houzz:

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Important News

The designs posted in my blog are provided as a starting point for your ultimate custom home designed for your families pattern of living.

Front Elevation

Front Elevation

History of California Modern Design

Function was as important as form in Mid-Century designs, with an emphasis placed specifically on targeting the needs of the average family. Examples of residential Mid-Century modern architecture are frequently referred to as the California Modern style.

Although the Case Study House Program is considered by many to be the official start of modern home architecture, there is one home in particular built an entire decade before that combined traditional building materials with lines that exemplify modern design. That is the Fallingwater house, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

What Dreams Are Made Of

If you are like most people, you want a comfortable place to live, one that fits your tastes as well as your pocketbook. All of gjConstructs custom home designs prove that style and good planning make your home economical to build, affordable to live in and a joy now and in the years to come.

Back Yard Perspective

Back Yard Perspective

A Wonderful World of Beauty

In your gjConstructs home, you live in a world of beauty… beauty that is achieved by grace and line, skillful combining of materials and harmonious blending of colours. “Simple Elegance” is the expression used by your friends in describing first impressions of a gjConstructs design.

Front Perspective

Front Perspective

A Wonderful World of Luxury

Luxury and good taste are brought within your financial reach through gjConstructs design, construction techniques and buying power. Private garden patios are a visual part of every major room; open-to-the-sky, optionally enclosed, inner courtyards that flood your home with light and beauty; elegant master bedroom—dressing room—bathroom suites; extra room for hobbies, guests, homework, office or den; abundant storage … and many many  more features…in the Wonderful World of gjConstructs.

A Wonderful World Of Convenience

Live your New Way of Life surrounded by every convenience imaginable! The carefully developed gjConstructs floor plans create more usable living space, inside and out, than is offered in any other home! Step-saving, work-saving space-arrangement construction and material innovations and the latest built-in appliances add time to your day and years to your life.

Floor Plan Perspective

Floor Plan Perspective

Imaginative New Floor Plan Concepts…For The Most Exciting gjConstructs Ever Built

In designing a new line of gjConstructs Homes we have taken an important step forward in creating plans which meet your each and every requirement…have one custom designed for your pattern of living!

Plan 101CM

California Modern

Main Floor 1743 Square Feet
Enclosed Atrium Option 205 Square Feet
Sun room 224 Square Feet
Loft 105 Square Feet

Families with older children are going to love the 1848  square feet of living area offered here. Homes with small bedrooms are fine for families with young children. But once the kids get into their teens, a pair of 9 x 9 foot bedrooms found in smaller homes isn’t going to do it.

Your living room, with its dramatic fireplace, is the show room of your gjConstructs design. A wall of glass presents an ever-changing mural—provided by nature!

For added privacy, bedrooms are completely separate from living areas. The master bedroom suite has its own private bath, vanity, dressing room and patio.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

From the world’s most efficient, most beautiful kitchen, you serve meals directly to the dining area, the atrium, sun room, or patio. Designed with you and your family’s needs in mind your kitchen comes with just the right complement of modern appliances to fit your cooking and entertaining style. Select a butler’s pantry option.

The at grade level entry, extra space between kitchen cabinets, wider halls and wheelchair accessible powder room make this home the one to keep for a lifetime.

The porch plays an important role in keeping the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Another much-needed but missing feature the mud room conveniently located yet hidden from view.

Natural passive ventilation is achieved by the chimney effect. Just open the windows to cool down this home.

The designs have any number of green features available for your choice. Pick a green roof, install a water recovery system, rough-in or install alternate power sources, radiant floor systems and insulated envelope far exceeding current day energy star standards.

Lot sizes:
Most municipalities require a minimum of a 4″ side yard.
With a double car side by side garage the total width is 58′ – 0″ less the 2′ bump out 56′-0″which would in most instances require a 64′ – 0″ yard width. The double car garage could be moved and additional 2′ to get the home on a 62′-0″ yard width.

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In your gjConstructs designed home, you live in a world of beauty… beauty that is achieved by grace and line, skillful combining of materials and harmonious blending of colours. “Simple Elegance” is the expression used by customers in describing first impressions their gjConstructs designed home.

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