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Flooring, What’s Under Your Feet?

A cottage style floor passes on its own nature and warmth to any room. The kitchen is no exception. A cottage style floor gives your kitchen a carefree yet well-to-do look of long ago that is a treat to the eye.

Before carpet, hardwood floors were the standard. The good news is that hardwood is the number one way go with your cottage kitchen style and your kitchen may already have hidden gold. The first thing I would do is have a look under your floor finish, you just may find hardwood.Untitled

Wood floors are my first choice for cottage kitchens, whether they are well worn and distressed natural pine, pre-finished wood, laminate or some other type of wood product. Old wood floors like those with wide or random planks and real, old-fashioned pegs are my choice. Wood adds a rustic ease and charm that can take a few hard knocks and end up looking better. A lower grade of wood floor may suit your needs well since a cottage style floor is all about rustic.

When it comes to finishing your wood floor there are several options at hand. Wood has a wide range of looks (stained, painted, pickling, stenciled or simply left natural). Leave the planks bare to show the pure beauty of their grain or paint them in a solid colour or a pattern such as checkerboard. Paint your floor and use stencils to grace it; a series of your best-loved flower, ties together a theme giving you a one of a kind cottage kitchen look. I suggest that the overall tone of your floor be medium to light – nothing overly dark and overpowering for your cottage style decor.

Wood plank floors are truly classic and are easily looked after.

Other Options for a Cottage Style Kitchen Floor

Stone and hardwood flooring are two of the most liked flooring materials. However, they aren’t the only choice for cottage kitchen floors.Issue OCT Farm House Sink

Stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles, linoleum and even vinyl flooring is used in a cottage style setting. After wood, stone flooring is my next choice for a cottage style decor. Vinyl is a quite modern material. However it is an all-purpose material that comes in a wide variety of shades, designs and patterns to suit any design style. Vinyl, linoleum and ceramic tiles can also be used creatively with stunning effects.

Understanding Flooring

Vinyl Kitchen Floors

Celebrate the return of easy-to-clean vinyl flooring that gives you a variety of colours and designs. Found in sheets or tiles, vinyl is today’s most popular kitchen flooring because it’s durable, easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy on the wallet compared to most other flooring materials. Vinyl offers you the greatest range of styles at a great price.

Better-quality vinyl flooring features “inlaid construction” with colour and pattern uniform throughout rather than printed on top, for richer colour and less noticeable nicks.

Top-of-the-line vinyl floors have a thick urethane wear layer that offers the most shine and shine retention, as well as the greatest stain resistance.

Mid-range vinyl may also offer a urethane wear layer, but it won’t be as thick.

Lower-range vinyl has a vinyl wear layer that’s best for households without pets and kids.

Sheet vinyl, best installed by a professional, puts an end to tile lines or possible lift-up due to standing water.

Vinyl tiles with self-stick backs can be easily and quickly put down by just about any homeowner. Tiles also let you design patterns or borders using several colours.

Linoleum Kitchen Floors

A leading kitchen flooring material until after World War II, when America fell in love with plastic, linoleum is staging a comeback. An environmentalist’s delight, linoleum is made of all natural products, linseed oil, pine resin, and wood flour.

Low-cost and long-lasting, today’s linoleum comes in matte-finished solid colours and marbleized patterns. It is ideal for retro-style kitchens, especially those striving for a 1920s to 1950s feel. It is also a very affordable option for people with lower budgets.

Laminate Kitchen Floors

One of the newer synthetic flooring options, laminate flooring looks like wood, stone, or marble because the pattern is actually a photograph of the “real thing.” Laminate flooring is made of multiple layers of material including a super-hard plastic top layer over a layer with a photographic imprint of wood or stone.

It’s many, many times more wear-resistant than countertop laminates and can usually be laid right over an existing level floor. A check on the internet reveals much debate about using laminates in potentially wet areas. My take on this is that standing water is a bad thing that will in the end ruin any flooring material. Proper installation of any material you choose goes a long way to protecting your investment.

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