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Make Your Sink the Focal Point of Your Cottage Kitchen

Farmhouse and apron-front sinks are sized to fit your largest pots and pans. They are hugely well-liked add-ons to the cottage look. Trough sinks and freestanding porcelain sinks also work as a second wash up station for more than one cook. A trough sink is ideal for getting the food ready. When placed in an island or pantry area ads ease-of-use and luxury. For true cottage kitchen use a freestanding farmhouse drainboard sink.

Freestanding Farmhouse Drainboard

Cast Iron Farmhouse Drainboard

Carbon copies of the first farmhouse drainboard sinks can be found. For an even more real look I suggest adding a wooden drainboard. People love a sink that matches grandma’s. These sinks are extra long, some as much as four feet or more, and deep enough for the largest of your washing needs. They are even used as baths for babies and loved pets. There are one or two basin styles. Some have drain-boards on one or both sides to suit your cottage kitchen.

Apron-Front Sinks

Kohler K-6487-0 Whitehaven Self-Trimming Apron Front Single Basin Kitchen Sink with Tall Apron, White

There is a bit of mess in the field as to the names of these two sink styles. To add to the head-scratching both the farmhouse and apron front sink can be had as free-standing models. Farmhouse sinks, sometimes called apron-front sinks, have made a return to fashion in recent years. They have a broad, shallow face and an extra-deep bowl that can hold large pasta pots or stacks of plates. A down-to-earth double-bowl farmhouse sink adds country flair. They create a sense of country living and a wonderful focal point for your Cottage kitchen. I suggest the no-frills streamlined styles are the classic choice to make. This sink is one of the most well-liked and popular symbols of home and hearth.

These sinks exhibit a sense of strength. Untouched by the passage of time they take you back to a pre-appliance era when a front-and-centre basin was at the heart of the kitchen.

It easily serves you as the central workspace for canning, cleaning dishes and large pots and every stage of food preparation.

Apron-front sinks are like beautiful but oh-so-functional sculpture and provide a strong, striking focal point in your kitchen.

Besides being large enough to hold large pots and pans, apron-front sinks are also ergonomically friendly. They let you get closer and work with less stress and strain because they are farther forward than drop-in or under mount sinks.

The deep basin of the apron-front sink means less splashing while you work, for easier cleanup and fewer puddles on surfaces, floors and walls.

Enameled cast iron and fire clay remain the most popular material choices, not solely for their beauty, strength and durability, but also due to the large range of colour, pattern and shape options.

Another major issue is easier installation. Traditionally, apron-front sinks have required the support of custom-built cabinetry. Now self-trimming apron-front sinks are easy to install in an existing kitchen without the need to replace cabinetry.

Water is a must-have element in the kitchen. Apron-front sinks shows it off like a central fountain in a park. Apron-front sinks impart a sense of lasting and quiet grace, an attractive quality in an over busy world.

Trough Sinks

Are you ready to bring the functionality of your kitchen to a new level? Consider adding an under counter trough sink. They work great as a prep sink or secondary sink and they provide you the best in flexibility. In fact they are the perfect choice for a custom workspace.

Trough sinks are so-named because they look exactly that‚ a trough. Since they have space for multiple faucets, they have room for more than one cook. They also create the perfect workspace for craft and gardening projects. Given their shape, trough sinks are an ideal fit for kitchen islands.

Most are around 22 inches. I suggest that if this sink is hidden in a pantry than of course go with stainless steel. However if installed in the kitchen than I personally would opt for copper or a finish that matches your cabinet hardware.

Stainless, stone, and other materials are easy to find and you can also choose from moulded models with sleek crowd pleasing lines.


Enhance an apron-front or farmhouse sink with an antique wall-mount or high arch faucet finished in chrome, polished nickel or hand-rubbed bronze. Distressed bronze gives the surface a worn look that blends into the background of your kitchen. Oil-rubbed bronze, on the other hand, has a warm and often glossy finish that tends to stand out more drawing attention to your fixtures.

Look for an old-fashioned faucet. These fixtures have handles that you twist to turn the faucet on, a set of two for hot and cold water makes the fixture more authentic. Make sure your sink has enough room to support these rustic spouts before buying one.

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