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How To Avoid A Dangerous Bathroom

What is good bathroom design and why do you need to follow it?

Bathrooms are small, I get it. The standard builder 3 piece bathroom layout lives in a 5′ by 8′ room. Most bath tubs are 5′ which is the reason for the minimum 5′ width of the room and 8′ is as a rule a must have to get the standard three pieces, toilet, tub and sink in. These are the bathrooms that are found off of a hall that provide for two or more bed rooms and in a lot of homes is the only bathroom.

Standard home washroom mostly found off of a hall.

The builders in most cases have the tub, toilet and door swing right. Note that if the door opened out into a hall or tight space it could without warning collide with another person.

The Worst That Could Happen Did

What I am going to show you is not only bad design but it is out-and-out fraught with danger.

Dangerous Bathroom

Drawer blocks bathroom door.

The builder in his haste to give the bathroom more storage space has made a potentially dangerous situation. The drawer fully blocks the inward swing of the bathroom door. You can not even get your fingers into the room to slide the drawer back out-of-the-way. Anyone, be it child or elderly having a situation that is difficult or dangerous in the bathroom is now in great danger.

Broken and or Bruised

May not be able or likely to cause harm or injury to life or limb but still a design error.

Just Bad Design

Keep Away From

It’s only good practice but I’ll say it anyways. Avoid bad design. Carefully look through the plans and or model homes of your builder and have them corrected sooner than later. And if you need to ask than yes I’ll perform the service for you.

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