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How to Avoid Design Flaws – Stucco Detailing and Window Muntins


Muntin or Muntin bar is a strip of wood or metal separating and holding panes of glass in a window. Muntins are also called “glazing bars”, “muntin bars”, or “sash bars”. Muntins can be found in doors, windows and furniture, typically in western styles of architecture. Muntins divide a single window sash or casement into a grid system of small panes of glass, called “lights” or “lites”.

Muntins divide each window into six panes of g...

Windows with “true divided lights” make use of thin muntins, typically 1/2″ to 7/8″ wide in home windows, placed between lone panes of glass. The thickness of window muntins has varied historically, ranging from very slim muntins in 19th century Greek revival buildings to thick muntins in 17th and early 18th century buildings.

Until the middle of the 19th century, it made sense to use smaller panes of glass, which were cheaper to fashion into a grid to make large windows and doors. However, many thought the division of a window or glazed door into smaller panes to be better looking than using large panes.


This bad design is found on a house on a corner put on show for everyone to see.  The pair of windows face a busy street and a park. This home was built by a large well-known Regina home builder

What’s Wrong Here?

The home building team and most likely the owner who ordered the house failed to see that these two windows are seen side by side. And to make things worse, from a very public side of the home. Could it look any cheaper? If you have not noticed it by now than you re not wholly alone. One window is trimmed with a raised stucco outline and a grid work of fake munitions while it’s companion is left plain.

What I Would Do

Firstly, I would not dumb down any side of a home. When an architectural style is picked than it is the designers responsibility to make it work on all sides. If the budget would not support all sides being equal than I would advise the owners and find a less taxing style for the fix. Secondly, the muntin bars need to be real to do justice to the style, the fake ones do not fool anyone.

If you must, and only it fits the architectural style, these grilles can be purchased for the exterior and interior of your window. If budget is limited I would choose the exterior wood option and then at some time in the future add the interior ones. Note that window cleaning time and general looking after goes up with the number of single window lights. Some manufacturers have take off grill options that make life a bit easier. Some grilles fit between the panes of glass but these look the least real and fool no one.

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