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Design Brief

The client requested sun rise and set views, king sized bed, walk-in storage, seating area, screened terrace, a man-sized shower and jet tub.

Master Suite Floor Plan in Perspective


This post deals with the clients master & ensuite. Not the normal builders grade bedroom is what the client has asked for.

Aging in place and families sharing is a growing trend, as stated by the National Association of Homebuilders. Many homeowners are creating master suites just like this one on the main level for easy access as they grow older.

The master bedroom is found on the 1200 sf. main level and has a no stairs access to the living, dining, food preparation, laundry and indoor parking wing.

When nothing else in the world appears to be right, you can always count on the master bedroom & unsuite being perfect; that is, when you take the time to have it designed it to meet your every wish.

Master Suite

In discussing the rough sketch preliminaries of this area with the client he mentioned an interest in having a to story space over the king sized bed. I began refining the preliminary Master Suite layout which is situated on the main floor. I worked on revising the placement of the elements to maximize views, circulation and with the clients desire to have a great open space.

The street facing portion of the set of rooms faces the sunrise and is at grade level. The back of the manor is above the walkout and as such is about ten feet above grade.

Earlier preliminary design attempts proved that the space allotted would meet the clients requirements for a manor worthy Master Suite. In the design brief the client indicated that he likes to see the sunrise and sunset views from the master suite.

The manor is situated such that the front corner is facing east and the back opposite corner is facing west. This orientation allows views to the east from the front and side and west from the back and side elevations.

Tub & Shower

In the master bathroom the client requests a separate shower and tub as well as the best vanity lighting ideas and plenty of storage.

Man-Sized Shower

By relocating the tub and shower to the front east facing corner I gave the area a sheltered garden view worthy of this magnificent modern manor and spectacular sunrises.


The master bathroom shower is where you jump-start your day as well as relax at the end of a long stressful day. Large and luxurious master bathroom showers are a great way to enjoy this time and ensure that you achieve optimum relaxation.

Man-Sized Shower

A stand alone 37 square foot doorless walk-in shower and bench is provided in the spa like ensuite. It provides room for two or if need be a wheelchair.


There’s nothing quite like sitting in a tub and letting the water jets relax your tired body after a hard day’s work.

Free Sanding Soaker Tub

However the latest trends suggest homeowners are replacing their noisy Jacuzzi tubs with large deep soaking tubs along with an oversized shower.

The tub decision has yet to be made so the design has left enough space for a larger jet tub while showing a free-standing soaking tub.

Garden View

While lounging in at the tub you have views of a rock garden filled with flowers bursting in vivid colours that just beg to be brought inside. As the manor is set on a large lot this private garden can be as large as the owner wants. Flowers, both inside and outside the master ensuite appeal to the senses.

The roof of the private generation suite garage provides the ideal deck connected to the master bedroom.


Sittin Room

The master bedroom suite includes a private sitting area for enjoying a sunrise, reading, audio, video and relaxing. When you just want a cozy, quiet spot to get away from it all this is the place to be. Also, the circle drive front entry view provides an early warning of arriving visitors.


Master Bed Room

The bed anchors the room and becomes the focal point, set out against a feature wall two stories high and windows with sunset, sunrise, lake and garden views. With a peaked ceiling over twenty-five feet above you this is a magnificent 480 square foot space complete with three-sided fireplace, sunset and sunrise experiences and TV viewing options. A truly modern space where less is really more.

Three-sided Fireplace

Screened Bedroom/Terrace

Screened Bedroom/Terrace

This outdoor space nestles two-thirds into the bedroom and one-third over the private courtyard with reflecting pool. The true delight of a screened bedroom is the feeling of being outside, sheltered from the rain or blazing sun. Anything that creates physical or visual separation between the inside and outside has been either minimized or eliminated. I have made it as see-through as possible.

One big plus is gaining that precious breeze that defines late Spring and early Summer seasons without the presence of flying insects. Another is that a screened in areas lends itself to a wider range of design possibilities; reading areas, sleeping areas, interior container gardens, outdoor dining spaces, and all-around indoor and outdoor continuity.

The 100 square feet of the screened room is inside the master bedroom and forms a balcony retreat space for reading or a perfect perch to view end of the day sun setting.

View From Balcony


Following along with modern design the storage of clothing and bathroom supplies are conveniently taken care of. We have moved away from the traditional outdated clothes closet and have designed a 24 inch deep wardrobe units in a large walk-in closet where you can sit to pull on your socks or view yourself in a full length mirror.

Finishing Touches

Personal Care At the Sinks

Be it shaving or putting on makeup there are sinks for two. Each station has its own storage for private items while a central cabinet stores additional bathroom supplies.

Natural Light

Full window walls of glass provide lots of natural light into the master bedroom & ensuite.

Toilet Room

A private “toilet room” has become a big trend lately. They do not necessarily have doors but they are strategically screened from the rest of the bathroom. This space is also large enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

Floor Finishes

Note that any finishes shown at this preliminary stage are only to help delineate the space. The final selection of colour and material comes at the end of the preliminary stage when the design moves into working contract documents.

Next Steps

Choose finishes and colours. Design for safety using grab bars. Finalize storage details. Pick bathroom fixtures. Add in the toilet roll dispenser, towel bars, soap holders etc. Make decisions on outside private garden. Pick furnishings and design feature wall.

End Remarks

The ideal bedroom & ensuite is a sanctuary, a space for relaxation and rest. More than just a place to lay our heads, today’s master bedrooms have become luxurious full-service suites. These spacious-feeling rooms often offer amenities such as sitting areas, fireplaces, dressing rooms, decadent baths—even mini-kitchens and bars. With these offerings, the master suite truly becomes a retreat from the rest of the world—a home within a home.

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