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How To Design A Modern Dining Room

Many of us can bring to mind the dining room from our childhood as the self-contained, formal room that housed the most high-priced pieces of furniture. This yesteryear dining room was only used on a handful of special events and holidays. These formal rooms are still found in today’s homes but you can also find multi-purpose rooms, informal dining rooms and even outdoor dining rooms on the patio.

The dining room by nature is a simple space. The focus of any dining room is its table, while the chair choice creates the all in all charm of the room. Just add overhead light and somewhere to store linens, dishes, serving pieces, and cutlery.

If it were only that easy…

Open-Plan Living

As lifestyle trends go, open plan living is one of the biggest shifts from the norm in recent times. It’s a lifestyle choice that sets you out from the crowd.

Done in the right way, it is an exciting, warm and pleasing way to live because when you haven’t got walls, you’re free of the way it is usually done that limits design choices Open space is styled in any way you like! It’s a fun way to live.


Today’s dining spaces are more inviting and personal than ever. They provide a space for a range of tasks, made up of doing homework, paying the bills, working jigsaw puzzles or working on a hobby. And as in many homes, the dining room is connected to both the kitchen and the living room.


It’s vital to define rooms in open designs. To this end the two ceiling suspended platforms visually set out the dining room space while keeping in tune with the open plan.


The dining room is within easy walking distance from the kitchen where food is made and the pantry where food is put on plates. At the end of the meal the dishes and cutlery go back to the pantry for quick and easy cleaning and storage.

The dining room is next to the foyer and a wonderful view of the reflecting pool and landscaping. The foyer to the generation suite on the walk out level is part of the three-story grand entry to the manor. Did someone say we need more space? Large glass doors swing or slide open and the dining room space grows, adapts and flows out into the foyer. The window wall in the foyer yields views and sun light to the generation suite.


Open planning affords fewer walls so there’s less wall area for storage space. To stop this area from growing cluttered, I designed fifty per cent more storage space than you may think is needed.


I use every at hand chance to make the most of the storage while at the same time keeping the modern look.

The bulk of the dining room storage is only steps away in the pantry. For items that are needed in the dining room and or for display I designed a built-in cabinet that has open and closed storage. Display of keepsakes happens behind the glass. There also is an open-work top to hold serving dishes full of steaming foods.


The design provides general task and mood lighting. Two equal sized platforms hover just below the ceiling giving the feeling of drifting free. Lights between the ceiling and platform give to the sense of floating and adds great mood lighting. The platforms come complete with energy-saving task lighting. The dining room light fixture hangs in the gap between the two platforms.

In general, a dining room pendant or hanging light is installed about 30” from the top of the table.

Fixtures are on a dimmer switch so you have the option of adjusting the light.

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