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While the laundry room is one of the most useful rooms in the house, it by no means needs to be designed to be hands-on rather than good-looking.

Floor Plan Laundry & Mud Rooms Walkout Level – Generation Suite


Joining a laundry area with a mud room is a growing trend. Workaday spaces such as laundry rooms and mud rooms seldom get the heed they deserve, which is odd when you think about how often they are used. A properly planned space is a full housekeeping area made to make easy the household chores. Today, more and more homeowners are multi-tasking in the laundry room. From incorporating a gift wrapping station or a project work area, to creating a spot for arranging flowers and potting plants. The laundry room is a space for more than just cleaning clothes.

Mud Room

With hourly changes in weather systems, you need to have a space to hang or store all of your different types of coats, umbrellas, mitts, gloves, scarves and hats.

Mud Room – Foreground storage cabinet removed for clarity.

  • A built-in bench for donning shoes and boots, with near by 12″ deep cabinet for mittens, gloves, footwear or other seasonal items keeps clutter at bay.
  • Hooks near the bench hold everyday jackets and coats for easy access. A sturdy backboard adds protection to the wall and strong support for the hooks and even a grab bar.
  • The closet houses seldom-used outdoor gear, umbrellas, etc.
  • Store muddy shoes under the bench so they don’t track dirt throughout the house.
  • Outdoor things like toys, garden tools etc. keep on the 8″ and 12″ deep open and closed adjustable shelving.
  • Mops and brooms fit in a tall, narrow cabinet while deeper cabinets store the vacuum and accessories.

Laundry Room

The goal is to make the laundry area a well run, charming space to work on projects while washing a few loads.

Place a hamper near the entryway to store the whole lot from dirty clothes to shoes without making a mess of the rest of the house or adding to your large list of household chores.

The ideal laundry room has four zones: a prep area, a wash and dry centre, a folding counter and a finishing centre.

Prep Area


A utility sink need not be the typical old plastic tub on feet: A stainless steel or enamel sink with gooseneck faucet (high enough to fill a bucket) are good choices for the laundry room. A sturdy deep sink makes easy work of cleaning rubber boots, soaking large items, arranging flowers or filling tall vases.

A stainless steel or enamel sink with gooseneck faucet (high enough to fill a bucket) are good choices for the laundry room.

Open shelving above the sink holds neatly set out containers full of cleaners, clothespins or soaps. Wall-mounted cupboards with doors are used for tucking away large detergent boxes, cleaning supplies and other sundry laundry or project items.

Wash and Dry Centre

A full-sized laundry room is more than a place to put your washer and dryer.

A drying rack over the sink that folds up against the wall makes it easy to hang clothing directly out of the washing machine.


Storage is the most important aspect of this area, so we take advantage of every inch. All the storage ends at the seven-foot height mark. Anything over seven feet requires a step-ladder.

A mix of open and closed shelving provide storage for everyday use and occasional use items.


Recessed lighting installed under upper cabinets falls on the task at hand. Ambient and task lighting installed throughout the space to make light work of all tasks.

Folding Counter – 30″ x 60″ counter surface table height.

Folding Counter

A good-sized 30″ x 60″ counter surface table height make tasks such as folding laundry, wrapping gifts or potting plants light work. Wall-mounted shelving over counter for holding folded towels etc. Ensure baskets are at hand for clean clothes.

Finishing Centre

Irons And Ironing Boards

Once clothes are cleaned and dried, irons and ironing boards get to work on ironing out the kinks, literally, in your clothes.

And don’t forget to find space to have room for a radio to listen to music while sorting, unloading and folding your laundry.

Other Uses

These rooms serve multiple uses.

  • A mud room doubles as a grooming centre for the family pets and a storage room for sports gear.
  • An overhead rack in a laundry room can be used for drying flowers as well as clothes, and the sink can be turned into a potting centre.
  • The laundry room can also serve double duty for storing and tackling any other cleaning needs that you may have.
  • Create a recycling centre for sorting and storing your recyclables.


Due to the steady foot traffic, you need a floor that is easy to clean and durable. Tile, concrete or linoleum are some of your best choices.

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