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The client’s mother is to live in this self-contained fully up and running suite with all the comfort of a home. An attached garage and private guest entrance finish off this home at home.


Modern kitchen designs feature flat surfaces, geometric forms, and minimal trimming. While wood veneer and stone are from time to time used, materials in modern kitchens are more often man-made, including plastic, metal, concrete, and glass. The client likes the clean lines of the modern look. He has access to time-worn lumber which he wants to use and feature through out the manor.

Modern kitchen cabinets often feature flat slab doors with touch latches. By avoiding excessive details, modern cabinetry gives the room a clean and spacious look. Crown moulding, wood carvings, and raised panel door styles are avoided, but curved and angled parts are common. Modern cabinets are usually faced with plastic laminate or wood veneer, with the wood grain often oriented horizontally to give the cabinetry a sense of motion and width.

A lot has been published about kitchen design. To work triangle or not. I believe that the work triangle use came from an earlier time when there were only a refrigerator, range and a sink in play. Todays kitchens have not only the refrigerator, range and sink but two sinks, wine coolers, trash compactors, dishwashers, separate cook tops and wall ovens, microwaves, toaster ovens, steam ovens and even built-in coffee centres. Have a look in a well stocked kitchen store and you find an almost endless selection of corded wonders to make your cooking chores easier and to eat up space. I suggest that there are mini work triangles. A successful kitchen design takes into account how the client uses it and places appliances, work surfaces and storage by the intended task.


Bringing In The Food

Todays families bring in the groceries from the garage and most often track through a good part of their home just to get to the kitchen. I don’t know about you but I find this and other common design flaws trying. In this design the client’s mother enters from the garage and right into the pantry, sometimes referred to the butler’s pantry. The pantry holds all the food stuffs that do not require refrigeration. Normal household supplies when purchased in bulk are kept in the full wall storage cabinet just inside the door from the garage.

Dish and Glassware Storage

Keep in mind saving of motion. I’m always careful about putting glass and mug storage close to the dishwasher, as these items come out of the dishwasher one at a time.

The pantry is the ideal place for these. With a dishwasher just steps away from the kitchen and dining room there are no wasted movements.

Sink placement

If a kitchen has only one sink, NKBA, National Kitchen & Bath Association, guidelines put forward that it should be next to or across from the cooking surface and refrigerator. I believe that a sink needs working space on both sides. Where else are you going to put that bag of potatoes while you wash and peel them at the sink? This kitchen design is lucky to have a pantry with a trough sink that allows a helper to cut, wash and prepare foods for serving or cooking.

Trough Sinks

When you are ready to bring the functionality of your kitchen to an entirely new level install a trough sink. They work great as a prep sink or secondary sink and they provide you the best in flexibility. In fact they are the perfect choice if you are designing a custom workspace.

Trough sinks are so-named because they resemble exactly that‚ a trough. As a bonus they create the perfect workspace for various craft and gardening projects.

They start at around 22 inches and go to about 48 inches long.

You’ll be impressed with the extra freedom you gain with this style of sink but you’ll also impress your guests with your well thought out design.

Stainless, stone, and other materials are commonly available and you can also choose from moulded models which have some very sleek lines.

Take A Call, Check Email, Do Paperwork

In most homes these tasks are done on the kitchen or dining room table and the mess is often left for all to see time after time. In this home the pantry has a built-in desk with tack-board located just out of sight but not out of reach.

Kitchen Storage Wall

In keeping with modern design the storage cabinet behind the work peninsula is deep enough to conceal the refrigerator and hide the small appliances behind sliding doors. The storage above the refrigerator level can be used for items that are not used often or on a seasonal basis. The extra deep storage below counter level is ideal for large pots and roasters and can be fitted with a large selection of suited slide-out add-ons.

Appliance Garage

Toasters, coffee makers, mixmasters, blenders, microwave and even steam ovens hide away by simply closing the door. These spaces are very often called appliance garages. This concept is attractive to people who desire calm, hate apparent disorder, would rather have fixed places than flexible ones, and are put at rest by having things where they belong.

Peninsula Counter

The counter is fitted with a safe induction cook top and ergonomic apron-front sink. Check my blog for the reasons you want to go with induction cooking over gas or electric. The 3′ – 6″ deep counter provides plenty of space for baking or serving three to four people. The cabinet provides space for a trash compactor or standard waste basket, cleaning supplies and cooking aids.

Apron-Front Sinks

These sinks have made a return to fashion in recent years. They have a broad, shallow face and an extra-deep bowl that can hold large pasta pots or stacks of plates with ease. Some models on the market have raised or decorative detailing on the apron. I suggest the unadorned streamlined styles for the modern styling.

It easily serves you as the central workspace for canning, cleaning dishes and large pots literally covering every stage of food preparation.

Besides being large enough to hold oversize pots and pans, apron-front sinks are also ergonomically friendly. They let you get closer and work with less stress and strain because they are oriented farther forward than drop-in or under mount sinks.

The classic deep basin of the apron-front sink means less splashing while you work, for easier cleanup and fewer puddles on surrounding surfaces, floors and walls.

Enamelled cast iron and fire clay remain the most popular material choices, not solely for their beauty, strength and durability, but also due to the large range of colour, pattern and shape options.

Another major consideration is easier installation. Traditionally, apron-front sinks have required the support of custom-built cabinetry. Now self-trimming apron-front sinks are easy to install.

Water is a vital element of the kitchen. Apron-front sinks celebrate its presentation in much the same way that a central fountain in a park provides a serene axis for the busy life that revolves around it. Apron-front sinks impart a sense of lasting and quiet grace, a pleasing quality in an ever more speed up world.

Trash and recycling: Trash and recyclables require 30-quart containers and are best located in a base cabinet on the side of the sink opposite the dishwasher. The idea, according to the Consumer Reports Kitchen Planning & Buying Guide, is to be able to “simply pivot as you scrape and load.”


Now good kitchen layout is not so much about the work triangle as it is about designing for task-specific areas of use—storing what you need for a specific task at a specific area of the kitchen.

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In your gjConstructs designed home, you live in a world of beauty… beauty that is achieved by grace and line, skillful combining of materials and harmonious blending of colours. “Simple Elegance” is the expression used by customers in describing first impressions their gjConstructs designed home.

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