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This post deals with the clients master & ensuite in the generation suite designed for his mother.

The first picture, key, locates the master & ensuite on the walkout level.


Not the normal builders grade bedroom is what the client has asked for both himself and his mothers private bedroom & ensuite.

Aging in place and families sharing is a growing trend, according to the National Association of Homebuilders, and many homeowners are creating master suites on the main level for easy access as they grow older. The Generation Suite is found on the 1200 sf. walk out level and has a no stairs access from the private garage at the walkout level.

The clients mother is to occupy this self-contained fully useful suite with all the comforts of a home. For our client’s mother’s master bedroom & ensuite (immediately adjoining a bedroom and forming part of the same set of rooms) the client asks for a homelike yet tasteful retreat within the generation suite.

When nothing else in the world appears to be right, you can always count on the master bedroom & unsuite being perfect; that is, when you take the time to design it to meet a client’s wishes.


The bed anchors the room and becomes the focal point, set out against a feature wall and placed between night tables and mirrors. The night tables, mirrors, feature wall and bed appear as one integrated element. Eight feet of window wall provide a side yard garden view. A decision is yet to be made to include french doors into the protected, on three sides, garden space.

Sitting Room

The master bedroom suite includes a sitting area for reading and relaxing. When you just want a cozy, quiet spot to get away from it all and read. With this in mind, lighting becomes top priority. In order to properly light a reading area, you should have two lamps with dimming high watt bulbs. However, some prefer a setting that is a little less glaring. An alternate is to use spot lighting in the sitting areas where you will be reading and then diffusing it by using softer lighting in the rest of the room.


Following along with modern design the storage of clothing and bathroom supplies are housed in two custom built cabinets. We have moved away from the traditional outdated clothes closet and have designed a 24′ deep wardrobe unit serving both the bedroom and ensuite storage needs. The wardrobe and smaller bathroom storage unit near the sink serve as room dividers and save on building standard drywall partitions which are difficult to move.

Toilet Room

A private “toilet room” has become a big trend lately. The toilet which is placed on the outside wall to keep down the flushing sound that could be heard by guests if located on the common wall between the living room and ensuite. This planned location allows for a simple partial height privacy wall and an outside window. The privacy wall provides a centrally located home for a heated towel rack.

Garden View

The design includes a window wall that views a rock garden filled with flowers bursting in vivid colours that just beg to be brought inside. This small-scale unsuite feels much larger than it really is. As the manor is set on a large lot this private garden can be as large as the owner wants. Flowers, both inside and outside the master ensuite appeal to the senses. The decision to put a door into the private garden is yet to be decided.

Colour Possibilities

Despite the sterile tie with white, this colour can also be very soothing and calming, and there are many different subtle shades to choose from. Stark white is not put forward for a bedroom, but more creamy colours can be so sensual as to take-ones-breath-away.


A stand alone 3′ x 5′- 6″ doorless walk-in shower and bench is provided in the spa like ensuite. In the master bathroom the client wants a separate shower and tub as well as the best vanity lighting ideas and plenty of storage. The master bathroom shower is where you jump-start your day as well as relax at the end of a long stressful day. Large and luxurious master bathroom showers are a great way to enjoy this time and ensure that you achieve optimum relaxation.


There’s nothing quite like sitting in a tub and letting the water jets relax your tired body after a hard day’s work. The trends suggest homeowners are replacing their noisy Jacuzzi tubs with large deep soaking tubs along with an oversized shower with a bench, which may include multiple shower heads and a steam option.

The tub decision has yet to be made so the design has left enough space for a larger jet tub while showing a standard 5′ tub in a platform.

Natural Light

Full window walls of glass provides lots of natural light into the master bedroom & ensuite.

Floor Finishes

I suggest a light coloured hardwood floor in the bedroom and a tile floor in the ensuite. When picking tile or stone flooring for wet areas it is wise to take special note of the slip factor. Large smooth tiles are the most slippery. The more grout lines the more grip.

Next Steps

Choose finishes and colours. Design for safety using grab bars. Finalize storage details. Pick bathroom fixtures. Add in the toilet roll dispenser, towel bars, soap holders etc. Make decisions on outside private garden. Pick bed and design feature wall.

End Remarks

The ideal bedroom & ensuite is a sanctuary, a space for relaxation and rest. More than just a place to lay our heads, today’s master bedrooms have become luxurious full-service suites. These spacious-feeling rooms often offer amenities such as sitting areas, fireplaces, dressing rooms, decadent baths—even mini-kitchens and bars. With these offerings, the master suite truly becomes a retreat from the rest of the world—a home within a home.

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