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The functional area document puts the owners wishes and the designers first interpretation into a working vision document.

The two-story plus walkout manor is divided up into three main areas: bedroom wing, connecting foyer and entertaining wing. The generation suite is located in the bedroom wing as this space is viewed as a quiet area.

This one-of-a-kind project where the client supplies labour, equipment and in some cases materials to the project changes the normal design build percentage of cost fee and gives way to a per diem (hourly) fee.


Entry point for guests. The arriving guests park along a one-way boulevard with two lanes, one parking and one driving, that connect to a loop to the entry of the manor and then back to the street. Guests may be dropped off at the door or take a scenic walk from the parking. The main doors are the focal point that lead the guests to the manor.

When inside there is plenty of space for at least ten guests to be greeted either coming or going. The area provides for, seating, guest coats, umbrellas etc.

A grand stair provides access to the second floor group gathering/conference space and to the main entrance for the generation suite on the walkout level. The foyer forms a horizontal bridge to the building wings.

A wall of glass provides the visitors with a view of the outdoor landscaping and allows sunlight deep into the house.

The Foyer can be closed off from any or all areas of the main manor. This provides a separate zone for both climate and sound control efficiencies.

Entertaining Wing Main Floor

The open design main floor plan has the kitchen, dining, butlers pantry, powder room, hearth room and library. Smaller groups of 15-20 can be entertained on this level.


The client is a graduated chef making the kitchen his domain of choice. A place for everything and everything in its place becomes the goal for this key space. This is a working kitchen as opposed to the normal show kitchen installed in manors and estate homes. Food prep and cooking happens regularly in this kitchen.

Butlers Pantry

Located just steps away from the dining room this becomes the serving area. Counter space, dish and cutlery storage are all located here for streamlined plating of the food. Two dishwashers make short work of cleanup. An extra sink provided for a chefs helper smooths the way for measuring, cleaning and chopping activities.

Dining Room

Large enough to serve full meals to groups of twenty.

Powder Room

Sink and water closet mainly for guest use.


Small get away for private reading and research. Sliding doors provide versatility and adds to the use of the space.

Hearth Room

A fireplace is the focal point paired with a hidden flat screen TV.
This space opens up to a view of the properties feature landscaping. An open area with formal seating promoting conversation between groups of guests.

Entertaining Wing Second Floor

The guests get to this area which is designed to host groups of 25-50 from the foyer grand stair. A second stair provides easy access to the kitchen and dining areas. The area is designed as open floor planning for flexibility and has a visitor powder room and functioning wet/espresso bar.

Entertaining Wing Walkout Level

On this level we find the clients play and work areas. The executive office and family play areas open up with views of the feature landscaping. Guests and family alike enjoy this area when attending BBQ events and friendly get-to-gathers. A place to quickly move into when weather threatens to dampen the fun. Take a dip in the hot tub or cozy up to the fireplace after winter outings. Have a rousing game of table tennis or stroll up to the espresso bar for a drink. Or pull down the screen, pop the corn and fire up the projector and enjoy a movie.

A full wall storage cabinet hides away sporting goods, extra chairs, tables, freezers, access to a domestic cellar used for storing root vegetables etc. The client plans to maintain a 1-2 acre garden.

Bedroom Wing

Main Floor Master Suite

The client has requested sun rise and set views, king-size bed, walking storage, seating area, screened terrace, a man-sized shower and jet tub.

Second Floor Bedrooms

The request here is to have 3-4 larger guest bedrooms with bathroom access.

Walkout Generation Suite

A generation or granny suite is on the ten most wanted list of features in new homes. The clients mother is to occupy this self-contained fully functional suite with all the amenities of a home. An attached garage and private guest entrance is provided.

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